Things to do around Berkeley

There is a lot to do in and around Berkeley, and of course an endless array of options if you include the rest of the Bay Area. Locally, we can recommend:

UC Berkeley – Flagship campus of the University of California System. Great walking, interesting mini-museums and exhibits, and more. Check this listing for events.

Downtown Berkeley – The area around the meeting venue is known for its restaurants and theater scene.

Gourmet Ghetto – No more than a dozen blocks North on Shattuck from downtown Berkeley, the Gourmet Ghetto is the home of Chez Panisse, the Cheese Board, the original Peets Coffee, and other landmark food places.

Telegraph Avenue – Still home to some great music and book stores, it is otherwise struggling to find itself after the end of the 60s, but still shows signs of its past life as the epicenter of counterculture Berkeley.

There are many other shopping and eating districts around town, including Solano Ave, Monterey and Hopkins, University Ave, Fourth St, Elmwood, Northside, and more.

Further afield, you can find the Berkeley Rose Garden, the Lawrence Hall of Science, Tilden Park, the Berkeley Marina, and other places to wander around. The Wikipedia entry for Berkeley has good coverage of most of these options.


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